Brand New World

February 2013


What are we searching for? Why do we need to climb higher? Why do we reach for the sky? Is it something in our roots? What do we seek? Is it the adventure? Those narrow trails, the speed, the flow? Is it the freedom? Is it the challenge? Is it testing our limit? Mastering something we never thought we could do? The hunt for the great experience? The heights? The view? The chance to look deep into ourselves? What are we looking for? Companionship? Old friends? New friends? Is it the high mountains, the vast distances? The endless wilderness? Is it the thrill of record setting? To be the first? The best? Or is it just pure curiosity?

Or maybe it is about planting a seed in our heart. A seed of adventure; a seed of exploration; a seed of belief; a seed of courage; a seed of dedication; a seed of a dream. Maybe one day it will grow, and maybe one day, it will explode, then shine, shine through the sky…

“So I guess it is just you and me now.” Jose didn’t say anything. I wasn’t sure if he had heard me. But one thing is certain, high up on Cotopaxi, far away from civilization, we are alone, very alone. Me, and the four-time Everest guide. The mountain doesn’t care. The snow and gusty wind showed no sign of stopping, and neither did Jose. In front of me, through our rope, I could feel the determination.


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